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January 13, 2007

You may have heard by now that the Baker study commission has recommended that Israel should give land to Palestine and we should have certain diplomatic discussions with Syria and Iran. All of this is somehow supposed to help out the Iraqi people.

You may recognize this strategy as the one rejected so vehemently by Yasser Arafat after the Oslo Peace Accords. Quite a bit of land for peace was offered then, and the result was continued suicide bombings. You may also recognize this strategy as one pursued vigorously by Israel just before the war against Hamas last year. Just before that war, they had been giving away quite a bit of land, but Hamas kept using it to launch rocket attacks on ordinary Israeli people.

The commission isn't looking at recent events or past history when it makes its recommendations. I believe that insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. That is what the commission is doing when it advocates land for peace, and discussion of all sorts of other issues like rights of return. I don't particularly see how blowing up women and children on busses is an ethical way to declare support for people returning to areas where their ancestors once may or may not have lived, and I have my doubts that many Palestinians want such privileges.

It may very well be that the ordinary Palestinian people want land for peace, or rights of return, or who knows what else. It's awfully hard to tell because whenever Israel does give land to people in exchange for peace, terrorists take over that land and use it to attack Israel. All the explosions tend to drown out whatever the Palestinian people are actually saying. We never get to hear from the people, only from the terrorists, who tell us by their words and their actions that they want all of Israel's land and to destroy Israel.

I suppose the commission recommended these things because they were operating on the assumption that if Israel just gives up some set amount of land, people in the region who hate us will suddenly become happy and make nice with us. This is an idea that has been refuted by the people who want to see Americans dead. Many, many representatives of Islamofascism have explained in televised speeches that they want Israel destroyed and America annihilated. Insanity could reasonably be defined as failing, or refusing, to acknowledge reality in the face of strong evidence forcefully presented.

How does any of this help the Iraqi people anyways? I keep hearing that the Iraqi people have troubles and hardships because fiendishly clever and malevolent neocons plotted war against their country to steal their oil. The misery was magnified when the massively incompetent and unsophisticated neocons failed to plan for what would happen after the war. How does the United States negotiating with Syria and Iran help save the Iraqi people from evil American neocons?

The Baker group has produced an idea that has several times lead to the deaths of many people, refused to acknowledge the reality that we can't appease terrorists who want us dead, and posited irrelevant (or at least incorrect) solutions to problems that will affect the lives of millions of Iraqis.

Why do we claim that President Ahmadinejad of Iran is the crazy one? The ideas of the Baker group are what's loony. I fear that Pres. Ahmadinejad can see the situation all too clearly. If we want something other than his wicked vision of Islamofascism to rule the world, we'd better do something other than what the Baker group wants us to do.

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