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July 3, 2009

Independance Day Posting

We once again are celebrating our nation's independance from Great Britain, and a long history of freedom, and of spreading our freedom around the world. Though there have been dark moments in our history, we have also achieved many great and worthy causes, and because of our sacrifices and determination to do what is right, many people, from Afghanistan to Poland, from Iraq to Japan, are now free.

Iraq recently took further steps towards its freedom by having its soldiers take over many combat duties. If two years ago we had been told that this would occur without major incident, it would've been easy to make such an idea seem like a ridiculous, rose-colored glasses fantasy. However, by doing what is right, by holding fast to our commitments and defending innocent Iraqis from murderous bombers instead of expediently withdrawing our troops, we have brought peace and freedom to the people of Iraq. I'm very glad that our nation's leaders and the soldiers on the front lines ignored the voices telling us that the region was too troubled, that the people who lived there were incapable of governing themselves, or even that we were despicable villains simply hoping to grab Iraqi oil. Whether cheered or jeered, we saw our job through, and not only I, but many millions are very grateful for that.

And so I would like to thank all of the brave men and women in our armed services for their contributions to the independance of this great nation and the independance of many people around the world. I also am grateful to Pres. Bush for doing what was right even when it was unpopular, and to Pres. Obama for allowing the job to be finished, and to all the many men and women in our government who did their jobs capably so that our soldiers could do theirs, and to all of the American people who have stood by our soldiers.

We will need everyone's efforts and alertness, and the blessings of God, to maintain our independance, and to continue to honor our commitments abroad, and for all I know, there may be yet darker storms ahead. I am very glad that our nation still has people of character, like those I mentioned above and those yet to come, who can guide us through the darkness, towards the dawn.

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