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July 3, 2010

Independence Eve Posting

I am very glad and proud of our nation, of a place where we can live in incredible freedom, where people can and do generate wealth through hard work and good service, and where we can worship freely without fearing beatings and jail cells. Our soldiers in the past and in the present have sacrificed a great deal for that freedom, and I thank them for it. Their protection of us means that we get to enjoy these freedoms. The families of our soldiers are very much appreciated as well, since their sacrifice and support help our soldiers greatly, and thus also keep us all free. Our leaders from the federal to the local level have also made great contributions to keeping our nation free over our history as well, and I am grateful to them. Each time they chose to obey the law and to make peaceful transitions of power, they kept our nation's fabric free from tears and stains. The families of our nation have also made great contributions. By living ordinary lives and by raising their children well, they have made the great people who make America what it is today, in the marketplace and in culture and in so many different areas. Let's all celebrate Independence Day grateful for these and many more ordinary people we'll never hear about who have done so much to keep us free.

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