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September 11, 2010

Nine Year Mark

Nine years after that horrific day, the world has changed in many ways, but in many ways remain the same. Many more people around the world are freer, but there remain many people who are not free, and many terrorists who seek to murder people in order to get their own way. There's never any guarantee that history will not repeat itself or that lightning will not strike twice. We have been spared terrible blows since nine years ago by the grace of God and by the courage of the American people, in and out of the uniforms of policemen and soldiers and stewardesses. I think that it is in those two places that we ought to place our trust, rather than in the thought that more communication will satisfy people who have quite clearly communicated that they want us dead. There are many people of many religions who do not want that, but instead want peace and prosperity. To them, we should offer encouragement and support, for often humans must take their lives into their hands when confronting evil. I still believe that whatever the defeats along the way, good is stronger than evil, and I pray that the United States will continue demonstrating that to the world.

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