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October 20, 2012

The Unexpected

I didn't really think that we would elect our current president back in 2008, when he had no administrative experience. I didn't really think that he would, after running against the demonized straw man of President Bush, keep most of the controversial security policies, even ones that have less support from conservatives, like the Patriot Act. I didn't really think that he would continue to blame Bush so long after he had been president. I didn't really think that, after he pledged an open and transparent administration, he would allow his Attorney General to stonewall Congress about Fast and Furious.

I did expect that there would be many mistakes made, since he was new to the administrative world - let's face it, most of us would make plenty of mistakes in our first such job. I didn't expect that after about four years in, he would not only mishandle the recent terrorist attacks on our embassies in Libya and elsewhere, but also maintain for days on end that a little-known Internet video was the cause of the violence, in the face of massive evidence otherwise.

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