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July 4, 2013

Independence Day

I want to write about the wonderful freedoms that we have in our great land. However, my heart is constrained and saddened by the recent revelations of how our government, made to defend those freedoms, has instead violated them. The IRS has violated our freedom of religion and speech and press. The NSA has conducted searches without probable cause, and has searched greedily instead of particularly describing what is to be searched. If these clear violations of the Constitution are only now coming to light, I fear those that have not yet been discovered.

What future will we arrive in, if our own government does not follow the Constitution, and defend our laws and freedoms? None, I think, can know, except for this one certainty: it will be a future in which we will have lost freedoms purchased for us by suffering and blood. That is a future none of us should wish to enter.

Let us pray, first and foremost - then let us ask that our government do what is right, to return to the Constitution. Let us ask our government to use the legislative process and return our laws to an accord with the Constitution. Let us ask our government to use the executive and judicial processes to halt programs that take away our freedoms, and punish those who have broken our laws and their oaths. This is a time for the United States to show that our freedom gives us dignity and the ability to control ourselves, and to uphold and defend our Constitution, our freedoms, and ourselves.

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