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August 31, 2013

Dreadful Irony

I feel that there is a dreadful irony in Sen. Kerry assuring us that there is credible evidence that a Middle Eastern nation used weapons of mass destruction, and that we should therefore prosecute a war against it. His facts are most likely accurate, but I was under the impression that he told us in 2003 or so that the evidences of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were lies, and thus we had no case to go to war against Iraq. If it turns out that the intelligence is mistaken about Syria (or if political groups can create the media perception that it was, as in Iraq) can we then call Sen. Kerry a liar? Can we claim that he supported an illegal war? Why does the media not even seem to remember Sen. Kerry once effectively ran against a war that had a case built in a manner extremely similar to the case he is now building? I hope that the American people do remember, and that whatever decision we make, we make it on the basis of what is right, not on the basis of politics.

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