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Political Issues and News- Much of it Full of Controversy!


As late as 11/29/06, there were these:



Hot Button Issues


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Thomas Smith wrote another Letter to the Editors of the Oracle, but it was not published. This was written in the context of A Letter to the Editor On Drafting. Smith’s letter’s original source file is at Smith's Second Letter to the Editor In Word. An alternate version is Another Version of the Second Letter In a Word File.


Thomas Smith wrote a Letter to the Editors of his school newspaper, the University of South Florida Oracle. It was published on 10/8/04.

See the context for the letter at these articles from the Oracle’s online archives: The First Column, The Second Column, A Letter to the Editor On These Columns

See Smith’s letter from the original source file Original Word File and on the Oracle’s online site The Oracle - Letters to the Editor

See a refreshingly brief version of the letter at Short Word File


He also wrote a post for the Oracle Online’s site, and it was approved on 10/8/04.

See the context for it on the bottom of The First Column, as he is responding to the other post.

Smith’s post can also be found at the bottom of The First Column.



Afghanistan: American Family Association - AgapePress news- Christian Persecution, BBC NEWS | UK | Al-Qaeda 'was making dirty bomb'

Saudi Arabia: American Family Association - AgapePress news

Philippines: - CitizenLink - Missionary Killed in Philippine Rescue Attempt

Sudan: Senate Aims to Stop Darfur Genocide, - CitizenLink - Extreme Measures, - CitizenLink - Activists Laud Signing of Sudan Peace Act

North Korea: U.S. pleased with APEC's N. Korea stance, Report: S.Korea to ban entry from North, More N. Korea nuclear tests worry Japan, N. Korea Does Have Nuke And Threatens War, Security Council OKs N. Korea sanctions, N.Korea threatens Japan over sanctions, N.Korea urged to abandon atomic weapons, N. Korea leader rallies army commanders, Asia confronts North Korea on nuke test, US says Iranians witnessed N.Korea missile test, N.Korea says not bound by UN resolution, West mounts 'secret war' to keep nuclear North Korea in check, Report: North Korea preparing for missile test: Long-range weapon has potential to strike mainland America, official says, North Korean Missile Test Causes Concern, N.Korea's Kim on way to Russia via China: source, Hearing on North Korean Human Rights, Korea’s Underground Railroad, Toxic Indifference to North Korea-With Disgusting Torture And Weapons of Mass Destruction, North Korea Demands Talks With U.S., North Korea Claims It Posesses Nuclear Weapons, BreakPoint | President Bush Signs North Korea Human Rights Act, BreakPoint | House Passes North Korea Human Rights Bill, American Family Association - AgapePress news-On Religious Liberty, U.S. intelligence: North Korea uses Internet to indoctrinate the masses - December 12, 2003, BreakPoint | Support Human Rights in North Korea, American Family Association - AgapePress news, Bush sees progress on N. Korea, A window on North Korea’s horrors, N. Korea ‘making atomic bombs’, N. Korea talks under way in Beijing, American Family Association - AgapePress news- On Sunshine Policy, Statement of Principles for U.S.-North Korean Relations - Breakpoint

Indonesia: Indonesia Death Toll Revised to 400-500, Indonesia Earthquake Damages Buildings, Tsunami at Christmas 2004, American Family Association - AgapePress news-On Evangelism And Persecution, Christianity Today Magazine - Christian Villages Burn Again in Central Indonesia

Libya: Libya Confirms Why It Is Wrong for UN Rights Chair, - CitizenLink - Qadhafi to Be Human Rights Chief?



Plan B Supporter Admits Shortcomings, FDA Commissioner Resigns Amid Controversy, FDA Official Steps Down Over Plan B


Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life:

South Dakota Ousts Pro-Abortion Lawmakers, Pro-Family Groups Hail South Dakota Abortion Ban




Marriage And Family:

Chairman Dean Inconsistent on Democratic Marriage Position

Alabama Passes Marriage Amendment

Marriage and Religious Freedom

California Governor Would Veto Pro-Gay School Bill






Little Book of Horrors, A Pact with Death?, Adult Stem Cells Show Additional Promise, Maverick medic reveals details of baby cloning experiment




                                                                                                                              Foreign Policy:

Palestinian attacks go on despite truce

Lebanese fearful after leader's murder

Agreement reached on Darfur peacekeepers

Police wrest control of Mexican city, Mexican Feds Take Over Center of Oaxaca from APPO Rebels, Action Spreads to Mexico City:

Senate backs fence along Mexico border, Bush to sign bill for Mexico border fence

Abe elected as Japanese prime minister

Hamas rejects Israel recognition option

Thai coup leader says he'll be acting PM

Syrians Fight Off Attack on U.S. Embassy

Iran defies U.N.; sanctions possible, The Time Is Now: Commentary on Iran

Commentary on Israel-Hezbollah Ceasefire

Commentary on Vietnam War: Why We Fought

Castro's Final Moment 'Very Far Away'

Hizbullah sending text messages to Israelis?

Fight to the Finish: A united Israel., Commentary: Taking it to Hezbollah

President Bush Condemns Hezbollah, Israel vs. Hezbollah Continuing Action, The Israel-Hezbollah War Part Six, Commentary on Israel vs. Hezbollah

Cuba Q & A with Director Fisk

The Israel-Hezbollah War Part One

Commentary on Isreal Lebanon US, Commentary on Hopefully Isolating Hezbollah, Commentary on Iran Offering to Repair Terrorism

India tests nuclear-capable missile

Olmert: Iran Close to Atomic Bomb Know-How

Vatican Excommunicates Chinese Bishops

Natural Law, Hamas Style

President Shares Aspects of His Faith with China's Leader

Policy on Iran nukes seems to be off-target

Abdul Rahman Freed: Afghanistan Religious Freedom Case

Rice Calls Karzai on Christian Convert's Fate

Commentary on Ports, More Commentary On Ports

Israel will have to act on Iran if UN can't [on Iran]

Bush makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

Attack on huge Saudi refinery foiled, Terrorists Attack Saudi Oil Facility (updated), A Feeble Attempt

Thai leader gambles on early poll to subdue rebellion

Nigerian energy attacked

Internet firms caught in China free speech fight

Iran Resumes Enrichment of Uranium


Iran, West head for confrontation, Bush: 'Axis of evil' member Iran is 'real threat'

Hacker attacks in US linked to Chinese military

Sex Trafficking Now No. 2 International Crime

El Baradei: Iran only months away from a bomb

Bush thanks Mongolia for Iraq assistance: President harkens Cold War in first visit by a U.S. leader

Bush presses China about trade, human rights: In push for religious freedom, president attends church before meeting Hu

Iran ships rockets to Hezbullah (according to a diplomat)

Bush presses China to expand freedom: President, on Asia trip, holds up rival Taiwan as an example

UN office doctored report on murder of Hariri

U.N. report implicates Syria, Lebanon in killing: Inquiry finds evidence pointing to both in death of ex-Prime Minister

World Leaders Call on U.N. to Eliminate Corruption


Ex-U.N. official admits taking, seeking bribes, Also: World body’s former oil-for-food director accused of corruption

At least 75 killed in Egyptian resort blasts

Face Up To The Truth, The Choice, We Cannot Surrender

London Fights to Regain Footing

Much-Needed Honesty: Africa and AIDS

Analyst Warns Against Letting China Buy U.S. Oil Company

Govt. Report Documents World Slavery Problem

Letting Our Friends Down- On Vietnam Persecuting Christians and Ethnic Minorities, Eritrean Govt. Continues Crackdown on Persecuted Christians

France overwhelmingly rejects EU constitution,  French say firm 'No' to EU treaty

Putin Makes Historic Visit to Israel

Syria Ends Military Presence in Lebanon

Bush Welcoming New Ukrainian President & Iraq, Iran, China Weapons Sales

"Bush: Democracy Taking Hold in Mideast"

Possible Syrian Troop Pullback; Hezbollah Refuses Peace With Israel

U.S. Accuses Syria Of Terrorist Bombing In Israel, "Bush Demands Syria Vacate Lebanon"

"Lebanon Mourns After Hariri Assassination", "U.S. Withdraws Ambassador From Syria"

Bush: World Must Speak with One Voice on Iran Nukes

China to pioneer ‘pebble bed’ N-reactor , China pioneers ‘cheap, safe' nuclear reactors

Germany- Women on Welfare Required to Work in Brothels

Orange Revolution from Wikipedia

Yuschenko's Continuing Saga

Ukraine Rivals Reach Compromise Deal

Barghouti Seeking Palestinian Presidency

BreakPoint | Just War, Terror, and Preemption

BreakPoint | Confronting Evil- Disgusting Torture Of North Koreans

Welcome to!- Piece Suggesting Origin Of 9-11

BreakPoint | Rescue the Perishing, Care for the Dying- With Information On North Korea

American Family Association - AgapePress news-On Disturbing Terrorist’s Comments

The Pot and the Kettle - Breakpoint Vs. CAIR - The Council on American Islamic Relations

Commentary for December 16, 2002 - Breakpoint-On Just War Issues with Nuclear Weapons Vs. Just War Revisited - Breakpoint





Saddam, 2 others sentenced to death

Commentary on Consequences of Iraq Pullout

Commentary on Iraq

Documents: Al-Qaida Sought U.S.-Iran War

Text of al-Zarqawi Safe-House Document

Al-Qaida in Iraq's al-Zarqawi 'terminated': U.S. air raid north of Baghdad kills most wanted militant in Iraq

Commentary: More Deception From "Good Morning America"

Iraq Archive Document Describes Bin Laden Meeting

Iraqis Declare Themselves United, Iraq's Crucial Conflict Between Democracy and Terrorism, Diplomacy Helped To Calm the Chaos

Iraqis vote for first full parliament since Saddam, Iraqis head to polls in historic election

President Outlines Strategy for Victory in Iraq, Highlights Of President's Speech, White House Strategy For Victory In Iraq

John McCain on Only Exit Strategy Is Victory in Iraq

Iraq reports 63 percent turnout in referendum -

Fewer Terrorist Election Attacks Than In Previous Election, Iraqi Family Again Able To Vote

Iraqis reach breakthrough deal on constitution

On The Bravery of Iraqi Police And Coalition Soldiers

Iraq parliament receives draft constitution

Commentary From Scott Randolph

The Defeatist Caucus: Some on Capitol Hill seem to yearn for a repeat of Vietnam.

Iraq's Al-Jaafari Submits Cabinet Plan

"U.S.-Iraqi Raid Nets Suspected Insurgents", Terrorists Kidnap Fellow Muslim Going To Pray

Kurdish Leader Named President in Iraq

Iraqi Election News

"Iraqis Brave Bombs To Vote In Millions"

"World Leaders Welcome High Turnout In Iraq"

Iraq To Secure Borders For Election

Iraqi President Backs Jan. 30 Elections

My Way News-U.S. Deprives Terrorists Of Major Base In Fallujah

World Magazine Online-Evidence That Iraq Did Have Connection To Al-Qaeda On Intelligence On Iraq Obtaining Uranium

This Is History Calling – Quick, Get Me Rewrite!

BreakPoint | Saddam Hussein at the Bar of Justice

MSNBC - U.S. exploits intelligence from Saddam Hussein, American Family Association - AgapePress news, American Family Association - AgapePress news

BreakPoint | Finishing the Job

Security Council OKs Iraq resolution

Commentary for July 23, 2003 - Breakpoint, Iraq through Episcopalian-Tinted Glasses - Breakpoint, Casa Grande Valley Newspaper

Saddam sons’ death seen as a boon

Traditional Values Coalition-On War Is Just And Commentary for March 18, 2003 - Breakpoint And American Family Association - AgapePress news on Blame America First Vs. Abstract Just War—or a Just War?

American Family Association - AgapePress news-Iraqi Terrorism & Untenable Delays Vs. The Arrogant Empire


Bush officials: First strike justified Vs. White House: Bush misstated report on Iraq - There is no justification for waging war against Iraq Vs. Striking First - Breakpoint

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Mainstream Reporter Coaches Sami Al-Arian

Commentary on Draft-mongering Dems

Commentary on While Time Magazine slept

Bush taps Gates to replace Rumsfeld



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Senate vote endorses English as the 'national language': Bill's effects on multilingual services unclear, Senate Votes to Call English 'Common Language' of U.S.

Bush signs bill on terror prosecution


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